Tuesday, April 12, 2011

piglets will be piglets

I just have one thing to say... this is quite possibly the most exciting animation about piglets EVER.


Gypsy mother and child - day 2

I am attempting to document the stages of a painting...here the figures are "found" in burnt sienna sloppy acrylic.

Desert #33

Desert #32

Desert #31

Desert #30

Desert #29

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sophisticated Head Fashion

Gypsy mother and child - day 1

The drawing is done in blue pastel (why? don't know and not great choice...blue pastel is hard to dissolve) on a background of collage and paint...actually there were 2 days prior to this one...one for the collage, one for the painted background

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jaipur - gypsy girl

...another unfinished, large painting...

okay, I'm caught up for April...will work back into March  bit...

Black Tie Affair

april 10 - international day of the midwife is coming. ( poster completed!)

Here is the final poster for the march to celebrate international day of the midwife.  this one counts as a heike-becky joint.  The circle part would be the sending back and forth, co-coordinating and the visually co-operative nature of the poster.  i think it turned out nicely, heike.  Go team!

in the midst of things...

...an caught up in doing large scale pieces  right now...will send them out bit by bit.... here Agra Fort 1 and 2...see the little sketch from a while ago?