Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Secret Weapon

My little good luck charm is positioned in front of my garden to make it grow bigger and better than my neighbour Alex's garden. Hey... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do in this particular neighbourhood battle :)

Dead Thing Rebuttal

Whatever this thing is it makes a snazzy silhouette.

Superfun Time at the Lake

Look at those pretty clouds....

A Treacherous Situation

Hopefully whoever is swimming can see that teeny tiny message on the side of that teeny tiny floaty thing.

Big Loop

Here is a big loop I saw.

Another Pathetic Photo of a Beautiful Light Fixture

Here is what I put together today... needs a little work still, but you get the idea. Sorry to offend everyone's eyes with my crappy picture... my whole photo setup is so incredibly pathetic right now.

Monday, March 26, 2012

springtime at grannies


it was so green and beautiful and peaceful...

 that i was inspired to dig out a bonfire pit and burn things

becky turns thirty : mar 7-10, 2012

and then,

an adventuresome roadtrip
 to eugenia falls 
for fine dining with friends and foe
 at the very fine flying chestnut
in a whiteout snowstorm
in the dark
with a full moon
and two planets in sight
on a clear night
with not too much whisky

....and the next day back in guelph...

and everyone sang happy birthday to our dear becky

it brought tears to my eyes

way to turn thirty!

tent trailer

i know this blog is about creating something new, but sometimes i just can't help pulling out creations of something old.  i just brought my old sketchbooks down to my new bookshelves and their new permanent home and I found this gem, among countless others.  i like how the portrait progresses into a delicate moment between a tent-trailer inhabitant and her watch.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Becky collages in Barbados art class

I used Becky's collages as examples in art class....inspirational..

A few paintings....

 this one was the demo on 3D collage
 this the demo on ink and bleach
 ...using acrylic "skins" (her shawl)
 ...using transfer and incising
using brushwork to create texture...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

moss and last year's leftovers

good ol' granny's - another heike study

i was inspired to do a cross medium study of heike - i have been using the camera in my phone, possibly too much, and have lost touch with my super amazing camera so i am trying to work it back into my day to day use.  here is a onslaught of heike!
 i hope you enjoy her and her new haircut as much as i do!
cannon 5d11

sloppy drawings that don't capture her beauty

cannon in the garden.  yay!