Thursday, August 30, 2012

Roasted tomatoes. Oh my!!

moutnain vortex.

i impulsively and obsessively made this giant collage yesterday.  i am on the fence about how i feel about it.  it is kind of intense and i feel like it might be stronger with more of a single focal point.  its pretty overwhelming.  especially since it is 30 x 22 inches or so.  its pretty big for a collage made entirely out of colour photocopies.  the colour copies also aren't the very best -their colours aren't very balenced and they vary from one to the next, so i guess i would like to try this again using nicer prints and have a visual focal point - but im loving the layering of the clouds and messing with the horizon of the landscape.   title suggestions?

Making decals

These are some lino prints that are pulled from some carvings I did at Georgian Bay Islands National Park. I printed then using black glass enamel onto a special waterslide paper. Then when they were dry and clear coated I fastened them on my glass and they are getting fired on permanent
ly in the kiln as we speak. Woot woot!

Monday, August 20, 2012

I Will Build My Empire - Chapter 1

The following is 3 pages of conversations between me, my sketchbook, my markerpen, a beer and the crabapple tree I was sitting under.

I Will Build My Empire - Chapter 2

I Will Build My Empire - Chapter 3

Authentic Italian Cuisine

When we were in Italy I learned from Matt's Aunt Terresina how to make potato gnocchi. She spoke no English and I spoke no Italian but somehow we sorted it out. Back at home, this is my first attempt at unsupervised gnocchi, which was so heavenly I thought I would pass out. I did not pass out but it was so close. Pure scrumptiousness, and it only took me two hours to make!

Summerfolk weekend.

I would like to make a poster inspired by this photo I took and the starry night above the stage and submit it for next years image. Summerfolk posters are often kind of lame and would like to see if I can change that. What did you guys do this weekend?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

wavesville - back cover

these are some images that i am trying out for the back cover of the album where there will be lots of text.  the last one is probably too busy, i just got carried away with the digital pen again.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

working through the slow part

i made this yesterday and something about it really didnt feel right.  in a dream a german sheppard came to me and told me it would be fine.   i included him in the piece hoping that it would make it better.   the rest is the progression from today

A trip to Nicole's

So many photogenic animals at Nicole's... so little time. We were on our way to the horse circus.