Tuesday, January 31, 2012

last week

Hi everybody. Last week my pal Ariel Rubin and I got together for 5 days of fun and creativeity and roughing it at the shut-down-for-the-winter granny's cabin.  the main focus was to get the content to create the art for an album she is releasing in the fall, and to create other stuff like press photos, a small video to accompany a song and the cover to her album!  wee.  here are just a few photos from our two days of photo shoots.  we were lucky that the weather co-operated.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Reduction Print - Attempt #2

Here's my second attempt at reduction print... first yellow, then red, then blue, then finaly... white! superfun! although i wouldn't say i'm getting the hang of it yet.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two tones

Two tones.

Bathsheba paintings

...and in early January, a few days in a beach house in Bathsheba...here some daily exercises... ...playing with texture prompted by the sand and the sea....

Catch up

Yes....so I've been away...first to Bathsheba on the East coast, then to a week of workshops, then organizing the student exhibition....so this has been my life since New Years....

....if you have energy and time, you can check out the photos on facebook ...here the five days of workshop, taught by my friend Ariel Lyons...I just organize....


next the student exhibition a few days later.....


...a couple of hundred people, 20 artists....

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The BIG Dump

As promised here is a big dump of photos, all posted on the same day. JLee style. I was way to bogged down to changed the dates or even post things entirely on their own. As for the status of our computer Brock is here and encouraged a complete reload after the computer froze solid. Seems to be ticking along swimmingly for the time being.

Pencil in Your Eye

What the Freak! OK. So I am fully aware some of these old game drawings are not what it will be today, but what it was yesterday. I just felt the need to share them. Perhaps yesterday will inspire us for today.

Draw Your Own Conclusions

Another blast from the past.

A few sketches