Tuesday, March 29, 2011

march 29 - two headed swan and melting snow.

where did i go??

here i am again! lots has happened so i have dumped a bunch of things on from mid to late march... i still have lots of catch-up to do but here is one thing that i want to share: about 2 weeks ago i attended a very interesting workshop on finding out my life's purpose... as many of you know i am constantly spinning in a state of confusion about what direction i am going in. anyways... turns out, my life's purpose is this:
so i guess i was on the right track all along, but after finding this out i feel more validated in my creative endeavours, and can easily justify my doodles more appropriately!! hooray!!
so that is my story and also i'm sorry about being awol.
xoxo kate

Branch * Stick * Twig

Desert #19

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

march 23 - snowstorm comeback

Science Fails Us (Again)

Desert #13

Yogurt, YUM!

This doesn't look like much but we made our own yogurt & it's really yummy especially with fresh Maple Syrup. Sorry for the big dump of new creations, they aren't dated or in order but at least I got them on here. :) JLee

Painting Party

Kale & Potatoe Soup

The Best

Gracie's Painting

Emily's Painting

Circle Lunch

Cheese Biscuits

Caught Red Handed