Tuesday, November 29, 2011

making it work

Here is an image I just sent into be considered for a women in photography show in ny for next year.  I had to work out a dreaded artist statement for the series and everything.  This is the group.  http://hafny.org/events/31-women-in-art-photography-exhibition-images/

Monday, November 28, 2011

Where the Magic Begins

Here is a photo I snapped of my metal molds I make triangle and hexagon bottles in. I stand on the blocks and stick the hot glass down into the mold and inflate to my hearts content!

And here are some of those things that can magically be made in my beautiful molds! Hooray!

can't comment?

hiya! thank you, so glad to be here! i think fred and shirley might be retired circus elephants... or accountants....

so obviously i can post, but i'm not allowed to comment, i'm getting told i dont have permission.
anyone have any creative ideas (heh heh)??


Sunday, November 27, 2011


What a bloggy day!

silas marinator

hi there! i'm steph, friend to becky/heike/heidi and so excited to be part of this blog!

this is silas marinator, one of the animal-people that often come up for me. here's his little story:

silas was raised on a hobby farm in 'Frisco. his parents, doug and shirley, were chefs of the old school - I mean like julia child and even older (they thrilled at red deer pie, comfits and other treats of the court of Queen Elizabeth I). silas great up snacking in trolley cars, dreaming about alcatraz and experimenting in the kitchen. it wasn't until he was well into his teens (in cow years) that his uncle david told him what beef is...

...positive space/negative space

 ..here a couple more....instructions in comments on the previous image...

Negative Space Rebuttal

Chicken Lino Part 3

The last chicken linocut series!
(my favourite)

Back on track

So I hope you will excuse this creative deluge, but i have finally set my office back up!  I've got my stuff back on the newly painted walls and the scanner set up (as i mentioned) and i have been unearthing old things aswell as some new ones.  It's rainy, its november, its sunday - seems natural to catch up on the blog and to start in on getting ready for a long winter of drawings and photographing maybe with some grant writing and business development in there.  hurray for office time!!

sitting and leaning

the alphabet social

burning desire movie

hey kate, remember that jingle i wrote for your catch phase that time we lived above the pizza place or in that tent trailer?

sketchbook additions 2

here are some sketchbook pictures.  I have been painting the apartment in guleph and everything in the office was in disaray, i finally got the scanner connected again and can move ahead with full force with all of my neglected activities.  yay!

sketchbook additions 3

negative space

In my continuing quest for negative space...this drawing is done by removing paint....

sketchbook additions 1

And so on.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Yes it is some swirls. And the word swirls. And that is all.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Cloud - Part 2

You will never guess who I saw on Wednesday! The Cloud! I barely recognized him in civilian clothing, let alone not in his natural cloud formation. He asked for a macchiato, and I looked at him closely. Then I asked, "Are you the Cloud?" and he looked confused, then sort of came to the realization that he was, indeed, the Cloud.
Then we passed several minutes in pleasant conversation, none of which alluded to the weather.

painting in progress

am also struggling with this giant head...she's 55 inches tall, painted without a brush on unprimed canvas and the paint is just slurping into it and not staying on top....challenges, challenges...the back of the turban is collage of map of Barbados...

negative space rebuttal

this is the demo for negative space which I did in the class today....so brushless AND negative space...rebuttals please!

Negative Space Monster

I apologize for the big dump of recent creations. I have no idea when any of this stuff happened, my life has been spiraling out of control due to the little monster (pictured above) cutting out her naps. She is sleeping right now (phew) and has had completely unpredictable moods. I'm hoping to phase the naps back into our life and perhaps be able to visit "what will it be today" more regularly.
She had a freak out in the middle of the night last night (3am) because I didn't iron her PJ's, I'm sure I've never ironed any of her clothes. This is normal 2 year old stuff right?

Negative space & tshirts with or without buttons...

I'd appreciate any opinion as to whether or not these t-shirts should have buttons. They are for Christmas gifts. I'm on the fence.

Button Rebuttal

Memory Pages

These are memory pages we made after a request from Aunt Marilyn they are for a book celebrating Jamie's parents 40th wedding anniversary.

Brushless Rebuttal

The colour is way better than this in real life, our camera is really crappy. This was mostly done by Gracie & Emily. I just tipped it back & forth a bit to get the paint moving.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crumpled Up Tape -vs- Abstract Shelf Idea... will they resolve their differences?

Believe it or not, this crumpled up ball of paint tape is the first stage in the process of the BRAND NEW shelf unit I an going to construct in the former pirate suite. I was plotting it's size on the wall with the tape before I decided on dimensions. It is going to be epic (in sheer awesomeness, not actual size).

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21

Look what I found as I was packing up stuff at grannies for winter. This can count as one for you Kate.