Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I love everything that has been happeninmg on the blog, all except the part that I have not been a part of it. Bocky your last post was a perfect opportunity for me to join back in. I was unable to add titles to my last creations but you get the idea. OLD + LOVE = FUN


2 Tilly hats + shirt neck = size 3 skirt
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Belts =
Sweater + Belt = Purse            Add caption
Sweater + Belt = purse
Old man pants + suspenders = purse       Add caption       

Rock Star

Introducing some of our newest Rock Star is a bit camera shy. I feel like the poporatzie and keep getting horrible shots. 9 chicks in all. Soon I'll introduce you to Memphis, Joanne, Carol and the rest of the gang.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

issue 8

hi guys.  i have a new chunck of images up on my blog, but the question is where is the blog??
is the new blog that i am giving a whirl.  it looks pretty snazzy.  i really like how large the pictures display.  let me know what you think.  
I have decided to keep up the other one too, as it really isn't that big of a deal to upload it there and i have those new cards with that blog adress on it anyway.
what do you think?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

wolves in the grass howl

ok, i have been very busy today in my basement.  i got a lot done too, so have a look.  this one (to complete the three images of my canines in grass triptych ) was requested and based on one of Ariel's song lyrics.  the lyric is " wolves in the grass howl"  
i was so determined and motivated to do all of this work today that i think it is effecting my vision, so i think i am going to eat some supper and rest my poor eyes. 

i bought a projector. let the fun begin!

an album cover i am working on.

I was asked by an aquaintence if he could use one of my images for an ablum cover and he now has me working on creating text for it  - today i reworked some ideas i had sent him and he seems to like this font that i found yesterday and re-drew.   what do you think about the black space around the image  - i started playing with the space with some lines.  input?

i really like the font.  
its called Metropolitain


marcelina's pottery

i did two photos for Marcelina today in my own environment. 
here is a cup that heike just loves and a really neat wee vase

mountains - a collection of palett tests